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Tools & supplies

74″ wire hoop


Used with row covers or insect screen, these essential garden tools and supplies help to protect your crops from insects and frost.


This all-purpose organic potting mix is formulated with all-natural & organic ingredients. We highly recommend it to you for your container plantings and raised beds.


Environmentally friendly non treated white pine garden stakes.


Reusable ground staples to easily secure your row cover.

Tools & supplies

Jiffy Peats Pot 3″ square


Peat pots ideal for growing plants that do not take well to transplanting!

Tools & supplies

Jiffy waterproof eco-marker


Weather proof and long lasting marker for your garden labels!

Tools & supplies

Novagryl 10′ roll


Get 10ft of this strong row cover to protect your garden crops from frost and insects. Ideal for quick growing crops!

Tools & supplies

Novagryl 100′ roll


High quality floating row cover for a crop protection against cold weather and ideal for quick growing plants!

Tools & supplies

Plug sheet 38 cells


Strong and reusable plug sheets excellent for seed starting and ideal design for easy transplant!

Tools & supplies

Propagating tray webbed


Strong and durable trays to hold your plug sheets!


These strong trays are excellent for holding jiffy pots, trays, and pellets.