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Watershed Farm sustainable community and harvest

Here on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, seeds have played an integral part of WATERSHED FARM for over 20 years. We have been a mixed livestock and vegetable market garden that works with organic and biodynamic practices. We also have enjoyed trialling new and often strange crop varieties, sourcing seeds from around the world.

Sometimes we couldn’t find these seeds again! This happened either because the source was obscure or seed companies would drop a variety for various reasons. We found that we could successfully save seeds from many of the crops that we grew. Happily these seeds often performed better than the ones we had purchased! The plants adapted to the specific conditions of our growing season, our cultivation practices and our soil qualities at our organic farm.

Over the years we have enjoyed sharing the delights of growing seeds at workshops and events. We reached adults and school children both at the farm and within our community. As our seed collection grew, we made them available to more people by selling wholesale to seed companies.

Now we are pleased to launch SEED TO SEED, an initiative dedicated to making seeds available to all. We want to spread the joyful and important work of seed security and sovereignty. And we also want people to enjoy the pleasures of different, dazzling and delicious plants. We grow all of the seeds that we offer right here at our own organic farm and always use sustainable growing practices.