All our Tools and Supplies are only available for pick up at Chicory Blue General Store at Blockhouse, Nova Scotia. We do not ship them. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Good tools can make a big difference in a garden. There’s been an enormous explosion of exciting innovations in the small-scale organic farming world in the last ten years. We want to share a few of these tools with home gardeners who are keen to try their hand at gardening for the first time, as well as the experienced gardener who wants to up their game and aim for greater success.  

Everything always starts with good soil and we are really pleased to have brought in a few pallets of a superior potting soil that is certified for organic use. Fafard Soil blends are produced in Quebec and formulated for use in large scale organic farms where quality and consistency are key.  You’ll find that this mix has a well-balanced complement of everything your plants need to succeed. You can use this mix to start seeds in propagation trays or use it to top up your raised beds or containers or blend it in to your existing garden beds to amend the soil and give your plants the best possible head start to a successful growing season. 

In our increasingly unpredictable climate, the use of row cover offers numerous benefits. You can ward off the killing effects of frosts, extend the growing season at either end, exclude unwanted pests and help transplants acclimate. Most farmers find the most versatile and commonly used row cover to be Agryl 19 and while this product is not commonly available in sizes suitable for home gardeners, we will be selling it by the foot so that you can determine exactly how much you need. We will also be offering the wire hoops that you can use to support the row cover and keep your plants safe. 

For those wanting to start a garden from seed we will be offering a selection of the commercial quality propagation trays and tools that farmers generally use for starting seeds. Again, please consider joining us for some of the free workshops we will be offering to learn more about best practices for germination, irrigation, cultivation and more.   


This all-purpose organic potting mix is formulated with all-natural & organic ingredients. We highly recommend it to you for your container plantings and raised beds.