Pisum sativum

Well beloved fast growing annual plant, the pea is native to  the Meditarranean region where it is believed to have first been cultivated. We now enjoy a few different types of peas in our gardens. The shelling pea forms a row of delicious round peas inside a shell that we peel back and discard. The snow pea forms a flattened pod that we eat in its entirety, usually before the peas inside the pod have swelled and matured. Snap peas have been bred to have an exceptionally tender and juicy pod allowing us to eat both the swollen pod and peas inside. Field peas are generally thought of as food for the soil as they, like all peas, fix nitrogen in the soil, but many field peas also have delicious young tasty tendrils and flowers. All peas can be planted early in the season and do not mind cool weather. In fact peas are best planted in very early spring, or in mid summer for a fall harvest.